Cabaret Desire

Cabaret Desire (2011)

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It is an exclusive club that provides sex at night, not a brothel. It offers a fascinating story: a woman and two customers named Alex fall in love at the same time. They are treated equally in exactly the same way, except that they are a man and a woman, and the bar woman doesn’t know which way to choose. A mysterious man tells of his even more mysterious mother, who is rich, artistic, but a cat burglar, who one day steals sex at a writer’s house and gets the best steal of his life, “son”; A woman is celebrating her thirtieth birthday. Her friend gives her a mysterious gift. It is revealed that it is the body of a man she has long admired. Two lovers who have not seen each other for a year are dating again. Both of them are reluctant, but they can not forget the harmonious sex at that time. They almost miss it. One beautiful night, four stories, four wonderful sexual adventures. No credit information is available for this movie. You can help add!

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Duration: 80 Min

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